Profollica – A Complete System For Hair Loss Treatment

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Naturally Combating Your High Levels Of DHT, Without The Sexual Side Effects Of Prescription Drugs!

The scientific investigations conducted in the last two decades confirmed the following:

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Genetically sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (a substantially strong male androgen), men can encounter hair loss problems.

Follicular miniaturization initiated by DHT is the first sign of androgenic alopecia – the problem that genetically predisposed men face.

Indeed… This androgen hormone makes hair follicles smaller and smaller, and eventually, they stop producing hair.

Hair becomes thin, fragile, light-colored, and sparse. Finally, it falls out!

The Profollica formula reduces the excessive DHT. Thus, it slows hair loss, stops it, and even stimulates regrowth!

This formula breaks the initial miniaturization of hair follicles off… and breaks it immediately!

It’s Not Just Another Hair Loss Shampoo…

Working From The Inside-Out Profolica Hair Loss Prevention Scheme Decreases a High DHT Level in Two Ways!

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Minoxidil and Propecia used to be the ONLY options in DHT level reduction for quite a long time.

Recent research has revealed that taking prescription medications for alopecia treatment causes serious sexual dysfunctions in nearly 20% of men.

However, the Profollica hair loss system’s invention – a doctor-approved, natural, directly sold remedy – enabled men to stabilize the DHT level from the INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

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How Does Profollica Work

2 step hair loss treatment

  • 1. THE DAILY SUPPLEMENT: Natural ingredients of the supplement (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, nutritional elements) stabilize the level of DHT from the INSIDE!
  • 2. ACTIVATOR GEL WITH TRICHOGEN®: The gel obstructs the DHT synthesis and reverses hair loss by reactivating dormant hair follicles; up to 90% of men testing it have shown evidence of hair growth improvement.

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Profollica Benefits

Benefits you may expect to experience with continued daily use of Profollica shampoo for a minimum of 60 days include:
profollica benefits

Reduce Hair Loss in 90% of Men in Clinical Trial

Extra-Visible Hair Restoration Graded By 87.5%
Of Men From Medium to Rather Good!


To Profollica Activator Gel ingredients are now included “Trichogen™” – an active DHT-blocking and hair conditioning element!

Highly potent extracts that Trichogen™ is comprised of interact with each other providing remarkable DHT level reduction.

… Additionally, both your hair and scalp are carefully protected and pampered.

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Profollica Before and After Photo

Profollica before and after pictures from the clinical trial demonstrating the increased hair growth and volume:

profollica hair study

Benefits summarized from the clinical trial results included:

profollica results

Enter here now to read the COMPLETE clinical trial report.

This leave-in gel is intended for daily use in damp hair after cleansing with the Daily Revive Shampoo.

Profollica Results You May Expect

Success in hair restoration with Profolica depends on several factors!

The earliest hair loss treatment will promise the most impressive results.

Hamilton/Norwood Scale shows:

(This scale is generally used to determine the degree of hair loss; a higher number indicates more substantial hair loss.)

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The following is undeniable: the EARLIEST hair loss treatment will undoubtedly promise inevitable positive long-term results.

Here a man encountering hair loss problems must not procrastinate – it can be pretty hard and sometimes even impossible to reverse the hair at the later stage of follicular miniaturization.

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Try Profollica Risk-Free for 60 Days

The Following Is Experimentally Proven…

couple… If you use Profollica for at least 60 days, you will not only make sure of the incredibly favorable reaction of your hair to the treatment. Still, you will also become a member of our loyal consumers’ club!

Just remember about two major periods: DHT level stabilization takes the first 30 days, and actual hair restoration takes the second 30 days (Note: monthly healthy male hair growth rate amounts to 1/2 inch)!

Where Can I Buy Profollica?

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Can I Buy Profollica at Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, or Stores Near Me?

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Profollica on Amazon and eBay

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